Product Design Case Study: Taking Bottlepops from Idea to Shelf

Next time you pop the lid off a beer, cider or soft drink, take a look at your bottle opener. It’s functional, but is it fun? Memorable? Entertaining in the slightest?

Bottlepops answers ‘yes!’ to all of these questions. This sports-themed bottle opener plays unique sound effects and has an easy-to-use push mechanism for opening, with a magnet that captures the loose bottle top. Each Bottlepop is topped with a realistic looking sporting ball – volleyball, golf, cricket – whatever your passion there’s a Bottlepop for any pool room, garage, man cave or shed.

We’re proud to say Formzoo Design has played a hand in taking Bottlepops from a cracking idea over a beer to a fully realised product that’s now been officially licenced as V8 Supercar merchandise and is popping up in major retail stores all over the world. Read on to find out how we did it.

The challenge

A few months back our client approached us with an idea: to take an ordinary bottle opener and flip it on its head, creating a fun, exciting and functional product that sporting clubs and corporates could use as trophies, gifts or branded merchandise.

We agreed it was a cool idea, with bucket loads of potential. But it’s a long way from talking around the table to launching a fully realised and researched product into the market. From user research, product design, brand identity, market research, prototyping and manufacturing to product packaging and marketing collateral – there’s so much to consider before you can translate an idea into sales. To attract investors and achieve long-term success Bottlepops needed to evolve from just another great idea into a holistic product offering. That’s where we came in.

Our solution

The first stage was sketching by hand and conceptualising a range of sporting themed bottle openers with a contemporary design, with ergonomics and function in mind. We spent time talking about the details – in particular, discussing how to form and position the ball that tops the opener so it would appear realistic, aesthetically pleasing and could be easily manufactured.

With some solid market research under our belt we mapped out price points of competitor products so our client could have an overarching view of where Bottlepops would sit and what manufacturing route would provide a cost effective, yet quality product.

We then built the brand identity behind Bottlepops – taking inspiration from both America’s retro soda bottles and Japan’s advanced bottle opener mechanisms and blending these aesthetics into one cohesive logo. Using different iterations of the logo, we then designed a full range of marketing collateral: business cards, product packaging, brochures, and stickers. Using this complete suite of branding, product packaging and marketing material our client was able to demonstrate the full potential and value of Bottlepops and successfully secure support from investors and resellers.




Taking advice and a little help from Formzoo, our client managed the manufacturing process, finding suppliers and sourcing talent to record hundreds of different sound bites.

Then, before Bottlepops hit the shelves and online stores Formzoo Design assisted with preparing the packaging and presentation, creating shelf ready displays, counter stands, floor stands and point of sale marketing.

After a few months of hard work, constant communication and fine-tuning an idea into a holistic product we popped the top off a beer and celebrated our client’s successful launch.

The outcome

Bottlepops has been kicking goals since it hit the shelves. You can now find Bottlepops in store in major retailers and it’s just launched online for most European countries. It’s one of our favourite Formzoo Design success stories – and not just because we have a happy client on our hands. We think the Bottlepops project is a powerful example of how taking the time to strategically approach the product design process, with an emphasis on research and developing the right identity and product design can lead to long-term success.


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Posted on January 9, 2015 in Design, Products, Strategy

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