Nail Snail on the move

Formzoo is excited to announce that we have entered the Nail Snail in to the Good Design awards!

Julia Christie, a passionate entrepreneur and mother of three, approached the Formzoo team in 2015 with a problem. She was having issues cutting her baby’s nails in an efficient and safe manner. Upon closer investigation of this problem, she found that she wasn’t alone and that this was an issue faced by many parents. Research highlighted that traditional baby nail clippers where difficult to use on a rambunctious infant, often resulting in accidental knicks and subsequent tears. With a problem identified and a rough sketch in hand, Julia approached Formzoo to help her develop the Nail Snail product, manage the tooling and production process, and design packaging to help the product jump off the shelf.

Nail Snail in Use

After working with Julia and leading her through our product design process, it became evident that her innovative idea not only alleviated the identified pain points, but truly made a difference to the lives of parents and carers.

Seeing the Nail Snail in action and gaining an appreciation for the value that it imparts, we approached Julia to see if she would be interested in entering the Good Design Awards in the hope of receiving recognition for her design contribution. With the Good Design 60th year celebration rapidly approaching, all our fingers and toes are cross for Julia – Good luck Nail Snail.

Posted on May 1, 2018 in Design, Products

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