History of Industrial Design

By any other name this cult hit is called American Pickers or Pickers for short. But we like to call it a modern History of Industrial Design. The show covers the adventures of Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they pick their way through abandoned out houses, forgotten barns and overgrown yards of America’s heartland. Call it treasure hunting, dumpster diving or recycling American the boys from Antique Archaeology find rare glimpses into America’s Industrial Revolution past. Whether it be for the intricate mechanical mechanism in an early 1900’s gum machine, the wooden spokes on a vintage timber bicycle to a shed full of original NOS (new old stock) Harley Davidson parts from the 30’ and 40’s the show is addictive to us product design minded souls. Or could it be because the guys are just so damn nice. Sick of all the negativity and bitchiness of most reality TV, then Mike and Frank bring a breath of fresh air to the genera. Even with a keen eye for a bargain and the desire to make a buck they never take advantage, constantly helping out the often overwhelmed minder of a deceased estate, a recipient of countless decades of collecting, helping them truly understand the value of many of their items. And them there’s Danielle back at the office, if it wasn’t for her Mike and Frank would be lost, when they’re not free-styling she’s organising all their picks. For those who love classic and vintage products and designs from the last century American Pickers is a must a real History of Industrial Design. American Pickers can be seen every Wednesday night at 9:30pm on Channel 7’s channel 7Mate.

Posted on February 27, 2014 in Design, Products

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