Experience Design: A Framework for Integrating Brand, Experience, and Value

Experience Design: A Framework for Integrating Brand, Experience, and Value, published by Method’s co-founders, aims to help businesses tap into the power of design and foster better collaboration between business and design in order to deliver more valuable experiences to customers.Patrick Newbery and Kevin Farnham argue that in order to be successful, businesses need to engage customers through value, not just look and feel, and this requires a different approach from both sides-business managers and designers. Although innovation has been a prominent topic of focus for businesses and the media, statistics show that only 25% of new product innovations ever reach commercial launch, and only 45% of these meet profit goals. That nets out to 11% success rate, which is not a guaranteed lifeline.”Apple’s reinvention of itself changed the world in many ways. The design of the end products and services is brilliant. But It wasn’t just how they were designed-it’s what Apple chose to design, and why, that mattered,” explained co-author Kevin Farnham, CEO of Method. “Apple created value by redefining the experiences people could have with products they already wanted to use.” Full article: dexigner.com

Posted on January 14, 2014 in Design, Strategy, UX

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