Design Horizons 2010: Provoking Thoughts

Design Horizons: Provoking Thoughts aims to bring together a mix of industrial design professionals, practitioners, academics and thinkers to present, discuss and debate the future visions of industrial design in the 21st Century. The purpose of this inaugural forum is to inspire and challenge the industrial design community in a friendly and lively context. The future of industrial design is not set in stone. The future whether we think of it as next year or 50 years from now, is in fact forged by the actions that we make today.

The inaugural Design Horizons forum, titled Provoking Thought, is to be held on Friday the 6th July 2010 at The Edge, State Library of Queensland. It was conceptualised by Cara Wrigley and Rafael Gomez to provide a space for industrial designers to motivate, challenge and encourage healthy deabate on the future of industrial design in the spirit of respect and integrity. The vision is for all involved to walk away inspired, engaged and most of all provoked by the ideas, questions and propositions presented on the day.

Thirteen speakers are invited to present their views on future issues pertaining to the industrial design profession. The speakers were a cross-section of industry professionals, academics, educators and including: Andrew Scott, Sam Bucolo, Vesna Popovic, Dennis Hardy, Shaun Crossman.

Posted on July 2, 2010 in Design, News, Products

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