Bottlepops dives into the Shark Tank

Bottlepops started with a beer. And now it’s an idea that’s attracted two of Australia’s top investors and landed a $150,000 deal.

We were excited to see Bottlepops creators and Formzoo Design clients Stephen Brooks and Greg Jury on Channel 10’s Shark Tank last night. We are proud to have worked with the Bottlepops team to develop and design the product, packaging and marketing collateral.

The fun bottle opener with a twist was popular with the sharks – with both Steve Baxter and Andrew Banks competing for a stake, before joining forces to offer $150,000 for a 40% share. The simple push functionality and novelty of 35 sports themed sound bites for each unit had the sharks smiling and social media buzzing.



Although she didn’t invest, shark Naomi Simson showed her support by tweeting, blogging and listing Bottlepops for sale on Red Balloon.

And professional NBL player Mark Worthington tweeted his support too – putting in his order for a basketball themed Bottlepop!

Well done to Stephen and Greg for an energetic and polished presentation!

Our expert product design and development

Bottlepops may have been born over a beer but its creation wasn’t all beer and skittles. The end product is a result of research, strategic thinking and combining Stephen and Greg’s ingenuity with our product design experience.

Like we do with all our clients, we followed a comprehensive and collaborative process to design and develop the Bottlepops product. From sketching concepts, to CAD drawings, to market research and developing the full range of marketing collateral, we helped our client navigate the details of product design every step of the way.

With the help of our expert product design and development Bottlepops launched onto the market as a fully realised product that had successfully secured support from investors and resellers.

Before its appearance on Shark Tank Bottlepops had sold an estimated 34,000 units, secured V8 licencing and was in store at major retailers. Now, with support from the Shark Tank investors it’s just launched in the United States and we’re expecting to see it in the UK and United Emirates soon!

That’s a success story that’s worth raising a glass to.




For more information about how we guided Bottlepops to success see our case study or contact us at

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Posted on March 11, 2015 in Design, Products, Strategy

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