3D Prototyping

3D Prototyping – When it comes to product development, we don’t like surprises!

You’ve imagined a product that’s novel, clever and on paper, profitable. However, before you invest in mass manufacturing we always recommend getting your hands on a realistic 3D prototype to thoroughly test functionality and usability for optimal performance.

There are a number of rapid prototyping methods – from 3D printing using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), to Stereolithography (SLA) (link to 3D printing page), CNC machining direct from specialised materials, or vacuum casting. Each method provides you with a realistic version of your product without the need to invest in custom hard tooling.

3D printing

Check for form, fit, functionality, look and feel; prototyping is a powerful way to make investors sit up and take notice of your product, or to gain market and user evaluations at research focus groups or conferences.

How we do it

Our access to both Australian and South East Asian supply chains will provide you with a fast, accurate and cost effective 3D prototype. Prototypes are usually developed out of the end-use material for example ABS, nylon, polycarbonate or PVC. We can finish design prototypes with high gloss finishes, or matt textured surfaces, we’ll even apply your branding; there’s not much that can’t be achieved.

3D prototyping

Once your prototype is delivered we’ll work with you to test its responsiveness to force and pressure. Does it fall over when it should stand up? Are all the mechanical actions functioning – rotating, springing, snapping? Our thorough methods will:

• Identify gaps in functionality

• Allow improvements before moving into Production Management

• Enable faster time to market

• Provide user certainty

• Assist with marketing and product branding

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