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3D printing is one of the fastest ways to visualise your product throughout the design and development process. Once the secret domain of industrial designers and other commercial industries it’s now becoming more advanced and mainstream and is applied across many industries including medical, military, construction and fashion.

The 3D printing process involves using specialised plastic additives in liquid form to create a physical sculpture of a 3D Computer Aided Design model. There are many different 3D printing processes, common to all is the intricate building of layer upon layer until a solid structure is formed. Items made from 3D printing can be quite complex, moveable and durable.

How we do it

There’s many 3D printing services in Brisbane – from cheap and cheerful to commercial grade. At Formzoo Design we only use trusted commercial 3D printing services in Australia and South East Asia for a rapid prototyping that’s as realistic as possible.

3D printing is a fast way to get your idea into the hands of investors or users at any stage of the design development process.

3D printing

However, there are limits to how thoroughly we can test your product with 3D printing. During the prototyping phase we put pressure on our 3D models – snapping the parts together and testing the kinetics of the piece so you know your end product will be functional and usable. If we don’t think 3D printing will provide the precision you need we’ll recommend a different 3D Prototyping method using CNC machining or alternative fabrication techniques.

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